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Born and raised in Jerusalem, Eran was exposed to the diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine. The sights and smells of the international city intrigued him at an early age and drew him in to explore and experiment with the plethora of flavors. For Eran food isn’t merely a passion but a language, a way to express life.


Eran began his career at Arkadia, one of the most creative and prestigious chef restaurants in Israel. His passion to explore new cuisines, learn cutting-edge techniques and experience new cultures, drew him to relocate to Barcelona, Spain, where he worked at Enoteca a 2 star Michelin restaurant.

Returning to Israel, Eran spearheaded the creation of an up and coming Asian-fusion restaurant, RYU. As a head chef, he was able to implement his culinary vision and create the unique pallette that drew in the crowds.

Eran was known in Jerusalem for his distinct Israeli Fusion style utilizing fresh, local ingredients and was recruited by the finest hotels in the country.

Eran spent several years as executive sous chef at King David a 5-star Deluxe Hotel in Jerusalem and later as executive chef in Dan Carmel Haifa, also a 5-star Deluxe Hotel. During his time at these hotels, Eran managed the day to day culinary operation as well as held exclusive private events for high level politicians and celebrities such as: President Obama and Secretary of state Clinton, King of Spain Felipe VI, Russian President Putin, French President Sarkozy, Israeli Presidents and Prime ministers as well as Madonna, U2, Barbara Streisand, and many others.


Using contemporary techniques and fresh local ingredient Eran creates his distinct cuisine, true to his vision that food should be healthy, fresh and memorable.

Eran is recognized for his culinary skills and his exceptionally high standards, creating a culinary language that expresses his passion for food.

Chef Eran

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